Jan 24, 2019

6:30pm • Dream Week


Connecting Culture and Commerce

The "Mixer of the Year" is back!

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With over 4000 influential professionals, entrepreneurs, transplants and locals in attendance, GoodPeople has grown to be the largest and most diverse mixer for entrepreneurs, transplants, locals and...well, Good People.

#GoodPeopleSA Mission

To help create networks between San Antonio natives and transplants that will foster friendship, partnership and commerce - broadening connections between industry insiders and community groups. The #GoodPeopleSA event series will serve as a personal introduction to San Antonio's most diverse, professional and interactive neighbors.


Dream Week 2019

Tuesday, Jan 24, 2019 • 6:30-8:30pm
AT&T Center

#GoodPeopleSA is all about community – diverse communities – to be exact.

We are back for the FIFTH YEAR (our 10th major event) to help make personal introductions between you, your neighbors, your favorite San Antonians, local brands, and community organizations that help make SATX the most amazing little big town in the world!

Join our return to the DreamWeek lineup of events as we recognize community builders, newbies in business, and of course, eat, drink, laugh, and be puro!

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Thanks to the AT&T Center!

In January 2013 GoodPeopleSA was created by:

(Formerly BethanyEast PR)

Join us at the AT&T Center for an evening filled with:

  • Live Music
  • Small Business Expo
  • Family Activities
  • Beer & Wine

Stand for Safety

#GoodPeopleSA is dedicated to the safety of all attendees of this community event. We expressly request that every attendee also be so dedicated to safety - by leaving firearms, weapons, hate, hateful speech, prejudice, belligerence, and negativity at home. Thank you.

#choosepeace #showlove #chooselove


You Don't Want To Miss It

Register on Eventbrite and join the Good People on Facebook to stay in the know about special guests and features.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Ehcü PR is seeking promotional, food vendors, marketplace and media sponsors to assist in making this event a record success. This unique marketing opportunity is perfect for fresh, modern and sophisticated brands seeking to engage with niche audiences of consumers who are loyal, forward-thinking and social. Our sponsorship opportunities are designed to help meet your marketing objectives. Each package includes customization support from our sponsorship staff.



Certified Awesome

In a community that built a vision for itself, SA2020 knows that we need people willing to work together to move us closer to that vision. #GoodPeopleSA connects people - creating opportunities for ideas and fostering collaboration. We are a proud partner and hope that by participating in SOUL Saturday we can help highlight successes in our community, but also shine a light in areas where we need to double down and motivate some Good People to do some Good Action.

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